Rilas Technologies, Inc expansion to include new incubator

Woburn, MA – Rilas Technologies, Inc (Rilas) is announcing that it will be moving to a larger facility this fall where Rilas will expand its current purification and analytical capabilities as well as incorporate a brand-new incubator center where the incubated companies will have access to the full suite of Rilas services by their side. The new location will be conveniently located at 400 Cummings Park in Woburn, MA. The incubator space will include a 3,000 square foot shared space lab with an enclosed cell culture pod, as well as a designated 1,500 square foot shared office space with a breakroom, private offices, shared conference room, and will be located right next door to Rilas’ separate analytical and purification lab. 

“We are very excited to bring to life this vision where biotech startups will have easy access to high quality analysis and purification in their early stages, as well as expanding Rilas’ services to biomolecules” said Laszlo Varady, President, and CEO of Rilas Technologies, Inc.

Since founding in 2009, Rilas has provided specialty chiral and achiral small molecule purifications and analysis enabling customers from small startups to large multinational corporations to remove their purification bottlenecks. With over forty years of experience in the drug discovery process, the team at Rilas have developed analytical and purification processes and methods that result in an over 95% success rate. Services that Rilas currently provides includes mass directed preparative LC/MS, analytical and preparative chiral separation by SFC, high throughput HPLC/MS QC, sample identification by LCMS, customizable phyisco-chemical measurements (solubility, stability, LogD), and will be expanding into biomolecule analysis and separation.

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