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Wyeth Research (Massachusetts) 

87 Cambridge Park Drive

Cambridge  Massachusetts  02140  U.S.A.
Phone: 617-876-1170 Fax: 617-665-8838


Wyeth [NYSE:WYE] has a long history of pioneering developments in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, with leading products in a wide range of therapeutic areas. The Company's Research Division has unique discovery and development platforms encompassing pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biotechnology. Through dedicated people, innovation, unique technologies and a promising pipeline, Wyeth continues its commitment to improving patient lives.

The Company's clinical research, discovery and biopharmaceutical manufacturing presence in Massachusetts is now more than 2,700 employees located at sites in Cambridge and Andover.

Current efforts in Massachusetts include major focus on the discovery and development of new therapies targeting oncology, hemophilia, inflammation, metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and bone and tissue repair.

Cambridge has also been established as Wyeth's Oncology Center of Excellence focusing on the clinical development of innovative, targeted cancer treatments to help patients survive their cancer. The co-location of the functions necessary to initiate and develop Wyeth's rich pipeline of cutting-edge oncology compounds enables optimization of resources and growth to become a leader in this important therapeutic area. Additionally, clinical development activities centering on treatments for Hemophilia and facilitating bone and tissue repair are centered at the Cambridge site.

To support the Company's research activities, ongoing programs in the Biological Technologies department are aimed at new drug target identification and validation through platform technologies in bioinformatics, molecular biology, expressions profiling of genes and proteins, functional profiling through gene knockdown or over expression in high-content and cell based assays. The Biological Technologies department also supports our protein drug discovery effort with the technological and analytical capability to identify, optimize and produce therapeutic proteins for drug discovery and development.

A Medicinal Chemistry department supports our small molecule drug discovery effort. This group integrates classical medicinal chemistry and combinatorial chemistry with state-of-the-art structural biology technologies, such as X-ray crystallography, NMR and computer modeling, to rationally design new molecules as tomorrow's therapeutics.

In addition to the Research sites with nearly 1,000 employees, there is also a Wyeth Biotech manufacturing campus in Andover that employs approximately 1,700 researchers, scientists, engineers, technicians, and other biopharmaceutical professionals. This brings Wyeth's total presence in Massachusetts to more than 2,700 of the best discovery, research, development, and manufacturing professionals in the industry. This commitment of dedicated people and significant resources positions Wyeth to continue to deliver innovative medicines to improve patient lives.

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Last Updated: 11-27-2006

Key Statistics

Ownership: Public

Web Site: Wyeth Research (Massachusetts)
Employees: 2700
Symbol: WYE

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