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Versaggi Biocommunications 

9 Carolyn Court

Mill Valley  California  94941  U.S.A.
Phone: 415-806-6039 Fax: 415-383-0279

Versaggi Biocommunications is in the business of clarifying and communicating vision. Marketing and communications specialists for biotechnology, medical technology, and other health care enterprises, we apply highly successful strategies and tactics to help your company achieve a unique market presence.

We are strategists...
We bring your business into sharp focus. When every day yet another "breakthrough" technology or "novel" product debuts, it's no wonder the barrage of "biobabble" starts looking and sounding alike. Working closely with your management and scientific teams, we help clear-cut the tangled underbrush of information to get right to the heart of the matter: the core positioning that sets your company apart from the competition.

We are communicators...
We have the scientific expertise and talent to make your company's story not only comprehensible, but compelling. Each message is carefully shaped to ensure it "fits" with-and reinforces-your core positioning and strategic focus. We take complex concepts and translate them into language your audiences-those who will write about, purchase or invest in your products-will understand.

We are educators...
Today's health care technologies are complex and multilayered with social as well as clinical issues. Gene therapy, genomics, genetic testing, and minimally invasive surgery, among others, can be seen as powerful tools to solve unmet medical needs, or as frightening, mind-closing concepts. An educated market opens the potential of your technology, products and services.

We create value...
Our roles as strategists, communicators and educators intersect at the bottom line: we create value. Clarifying your core strategy and carving out a distinct market presence are key to shaping public perceptions about your company. Those perceptions affect every-thing from achieving maximum valuation toward a successful IPO, to sustaining market momentum and creating demand for your products.

To learn how we can clarify and communicate your vision, call 415-806-6039 or visit

Last Updated: 08-27-04

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