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45 Cours Gouffé

Marseille    13006  France
Phone: 33-4-96-20-29-70 Fax: +33-4-96-20-29-99

(a) HEMOSYSTEM is a biotechnology company devoted to the transfusion medicine. It's projects address the major transfusion issues : security and efficacy of blood products.

(b) Transfusion safety, Hemosystem has developed a rare event detector technology, ScanSystem(tm) for the detection of bacteria in blood products on a routine basis for screening blood donor components prior to transfusion. The method uses together a specific disposable to prepare the sample and a simple and rapid scanning device for solid phase cytometry able to detect a low number of fluorescent cells. HemoSystem develops also a simple and low cost method for the detection of leucocytes in blood products.

(c) Transfusion efficacy, Hemosystem is developing an additive solution to be added in blood components, able to extend their in vitro life span by 50%. This additive will be used to increase storage time for both platelets and red blood cells and to protect red blood cells during gamma irradiation, also improving their quality.

This additive is a naturally occurring substance that transports long chain fatty acids across cell membranes, improving cell membrane stability and preventing membrane ageing.

Product Names / Compound Descriptions:
ScanSystem™ (analyzer technology) and Lifesol™ (blood storage additive).

Target Indications:
Hemosystem's vocation is to improve safety in the blood transfusion field, offering their range of products designed for this purpose to the different international blood transfusion systems.

Key Management Names and Titles:

Jean-Pierre HERMET - President & Chief Executive Officer

Géraldine FRANKIDJIAN - Chief Financial Officer

Isabelle BESSON-FAURE - Hematology Project Director

Anne MONNOT DES ANGLES - Microbiology Project Director amonnot@hemosystem

Last Updated: 2-28-02

Key Statistics

Ownership: Private

Employees: 10 (15 by the end of the year)



Chemunex SA  exclusive worldwide license related to analyzer technology in the blood transfusion field

Ortho Neutrogena  scientific collaboration agreement for bacteria detection technology

Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals  exclusive worldwide license for L-carnitine patents related to the blood transfusion field

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