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PreScience Labs, LLC 

Westport  Connecticut    U.S.A.
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PreScience Labs is a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the development of new drugs targeting the metabolism of tumors. Dr. Jeff Geschwind, Professor of Radiology and Oncology at Yale School of Medicine, founded the Company in 2008 to develop cancer therapies based on novel formulations of halopyruvates. The Company’s newest lead compound, PS-102, is a novel formulation of a particular halopyruvate called 3-bromopyruvate. PreScience has tested 3-bromopyruvate in numerous animal models and in limited human trials (through compassionate use protocols), and it has shown very high efficacy and tolerability. The data suggests that PS-102 will be effective against most, if not all, types of cancers, including pancreatic, lung, and breast cancer, because it attacks a fundamental component of the metabolic pathway of tumors. The Company already holds an IND for one formulation of 3-bromopyruvate (PS-101), and anticipates submitting a new IND application for PS-102 in 2017, with enrollment of a Phase I study targeting pancreatic cancer in 2018. PS-102 was created at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and the company has an exclusive license to the associated patent portfolio.




Founder and CEO: Jeff Geschwind

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Ownership: Private

Web Site: PreScience Labs


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