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BioWarn, LLC 

19632 Clubhouse Road
Suite 520
Montgomery Village  Maryland  22124  U.S.A.
Phone: 301-926-9050 Fax: 301-926-8432


BioWarn, LLC is a biotechnology research and product development company that was formed for the purpose of bringing real-time bio-detection to healthcare, biodefense, and other fields. BioWarn's SmartSenseā„¢ system patent has been allowed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The SmartSense system represents a substantial leap ahead of current diagnostic and sensing technologies because it is real-time, simple to use, deployable everywhere, and highly affordable.

Unlike other diagnostic and sensor technologies that take between 20 minutes and 20 hours to work, a SmartSense detector is a real-time sensor that uses a highly sensitive microelectronic chip to capture the energy "signature" produced by the binding of a target to the sensor's surface. It is substantially less susceptible than conventional diagnostics to false-positive and false-negative results. Using extremely small samples, the system does not require lab equipment, a lab technician, or special procedures. A SmartSense device makes remote monitoring possible from anywhere a network reaches because it has on-board power and integrated network communications.

Because a fully developed SmartSense device will carry all core functionality on a single microelectronic chip, it will benefit from the scale economies of semiconductor manufacturing. With this affordability the SmartSense system brings advanced pathogen detection into the reach of those who need it the most, such as healthcare, biodefense, and first-responder organizations.

The SmartSense system opens up entirely new possibilities for bio-detection in contexts where throughput is measured in the hundreds of millions of samples-which current diagnostic technologies cannot practically address because they are not rapid enough, and they cost too much. For example, BioWarn is currently developing a SmartSense influenza detector for monitoring the spread of avian flu in animal and human populations.

BioWarn's SmartSense system was created for health care professionals, researchers, scientists, pharmaceutical manufacturers, government agencies, first-responders and others to address the emerging threats of drug-resistant infectious diseases and public health risks from pandemic flu or acts of bioterrorism, such as the anthrax attacks through the U.S. postal system.

About BioWarn, LLC and Defense Group Inc.
Headquartered in Virginia with operations offices in Maryland, BioWarn, LLC is a biotechnology research and product development company that brings full-time, always-on biological substance detection and pathogen surveillance to the healthcare, bio-defense, and other fields. BioWarn, LLC is majority owned by Defense Group Inc. (DGI), which performs work in the national interest, advancing public safety and national security through innovative research, analysis and applied technology.

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Last Updated: 06-01-2006

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