AxoSim Technologies

1441 Canal Street
New Orleans
United States

Tel: (504)-304-6229


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About AxoSim Technologies

AxoSim is the first organ-on-a-chip company to focus exclusively on the nervous system. AxoSim’s Nerve-On-A-Chip® platform predicts clinical performance from the benchtop, helping pharmaceutical and defense clients develop safer and more effective therapies, drugs, and countermeasures. This platform grows living human nerves in a proprietary 3D environment to provide a more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to animal testing compared to anything available on the market.

AxoSim’s Nerve-On-A-Chip® platform is the first-ever 3D in vitro model of the nervous system to deliver human-relevant data to predict clinical outcomes prior to human trials. Current platform applications test both safety, with our neurotoxicity model, and efficacy, using AxoSim’s custom disease models to mimic disease states such as MS and ALS.

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