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About PsychoGenics Inc.

PsychoGenics is a contract research organization (CRO) with focus on CNS disorders that offers a wide range of standard and customized preclinical services. PsychoGenics provides a full complement of partnered drug discovery capabilities with a focus on psychiatric, cognitive and neurodegenerative disorders, pain, inflammation, spinal cord and traumatic brain injury.
PsychoGenics' capabilities include behavioral testing across multiple CNS indications with over 80 optimized and validated behavioral tests, specialized preclinical models of CNS diseases (genetic, pharmacological and surgical), and complementary services including:
- A variety of transgenic mouse and rat models including custom breeding in our facility, genotyping, and phenotyping - Electrophysiology: in vivo single and multi-unit recordings and LTP, slice and in vitro (Dynaflow) recordings. Slice LTP and EEG coming soon - Molecular and cell biology: qWestern, qPCR, ELISA, microwave technology to assess phosphoproteins and second messengers enrichment in vivo, receptor autoradiography, and in vivo/ex vivo receptor occupancy - Neurochemistry and microdialysis with multiple analytes assessment in tissue (brain, skin, muscle), CSF, or blood
New service in 2012: Oncology (subcutaneous, intrasplenic and intrahepatic tumor xenograft models)
PsychoGenics’ proprietary technologies are developed to facilitate high throughput, in vivo, compound screening for determination of therapeutic indication, repurposing, lead optimization, safety margin and detailed phenotyping. PsychoGenics transforms drug discovery by combining expertise in behavioral neurobiology with the power of bioinformatics in conjunction with proprietary, high-throughput behavioral testing platforms that rapidly screen compound libraries for CNS activity. These platforms form the core of drug discovery partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies, including Eli Lilly, Roche and Sunovion.
The Highest Quality and Professional Standards PsychoGenics is committed to excellence in quality at all levels and prides itself on its rigorous quality control procedures. Work is conducted in PsychoGenics' 65,000 sq. ft. AAALAC accredited facilities. No test is offered without extensive validation. Many tests have been validated in multiple strains of mice or rats, and have shown the desired response to standard reference compounds. Studies on client compounds include a standard reference compound where possible.
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CEO: Emer Leahy
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