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About Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

Dicerna is working to improve the lives of people suffering from rare diseases, chronic liver diseases, cardiovascular disease, and viral liver infectious diseases. We discover and develop innovative therapies to stop or turn off destructive disease processes by silencing the genes underlying these processes. Our proprietary, next-generation technology, GalXC™, is a platform that uses the body’s natural biological pathways to silence genes in the liver with a high degree of selectivity and specificity. By targeting genes that contribute to serious diseases, we seek to address the underlying cause of illness and restore health. We have qualified dozens of disease-associated genes in clinical indications where we believe an RNAi-based inhibitor may provide substantial benefit to patients, providing expansive therapeutic opportunities. Dicerna is advancing a growing pipeline of product candidates based on our GalXC platform to deliver transformative therapies to patients. OUR PEOPLE ARE OUR STRENGTH. Dicerna brings together talented experts in biology, chemistry, clinical science and medicine. With decades of scientific and technical experience focused on RNAi technology, our team has the knowledge and experience needed to discover, develop and commercialize safe and effective therapies for patients with serious unmet medical needs. Our purpose is clear: delivering life-changing therapies as efficiently as possible to meet the urgent needs of people living with debilitating genetic diseases.

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

Stock Symbol: DRNA

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At Dicerna, we interfere to silence genes, fight rare diseases, enhance health and advance science. The goal is to leverage our GalXC™ platform and strategic partnerships to get the drug to the patient as quickly as possible. Dicerna is dedicated to our patients and committed to breaking down barriers that slow progress in rare diseases. Dicerna promotes a “no walls” philosophy that fosters a collaborative culture where all employees are valued and respected. Dicerna interferes to help patients and change lives.

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