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About Michigan State University

Michigan State University, founded in 1855, is the nation's first land-grant university and institution of higher learning to teach scientific agriculture. Today, Michigan State is an AAU research university and worldwide leader in scientific and technological innovation.
With an internationally recognized faculty, MSU offers a variety of patentable technologies. Recent inventions include the identification of cold tolerant genes in plants and carbohydrate-based chiral synthesis technology for pharmaceuticals. Historically MSU is credited with the invention of the homogenization of milk and the discovery of the leading anticancer drugs, cisplatin and carboplatin.
MSU seeks patent and copyright protection for innovations developed at the university and licenses those innovations to private industry. MSU licensees include large and small companies worldwide, plus a growing number of MSU technology-based entrepreneurial ventures.
Specific research strengths include pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals, food safety and toxicology, tools for drug discovery and proteomics, nanotechnology and bioprocessing applications, pain management and plant science. Commercial and academic licenses are also available for molecular biology and other software packages.
Last Updated: 07-17-02

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