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About Homology Medicines

Homology Medicines is based on groundbreaking science that harnesses the naturally occurring process of homologous recombination. This non-nuclease-based approach offers clear advantages in its precision, efficiency and on-target in vivo editing of genetic mutations. Homology obtained an exclusive worldwide license to this technology platform, which is based on the pioneering research of Saswati Chatterjee, Ph.D., Professor of Virology at the Beckman Research Institute at the City of Hope in California, member of the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) to the Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health (NIH) and former charter member of the Therapeutic Approaches to Genetic Diseases Study Section of the NIH. Dr. Chatterjee and her team led the first adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector-mediated gene transfer studies into human hematopoietic stem cells and subsequently identified and isolated a series of naturally-occurring AAVs from human CD34+ cells.




Founder: Saswati Chatterjee

President and CEO: Arthur Tzianabos, Ph.D.

CSO: Albert Seymour, Ph.D.

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