Unity Biotechnology

1700 Owens Street
Suite 535
San Francisco
United States

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About Unity Biotechnology

Unity Biotechnology is a drug discovery start-up dedicated to designing therapeutics that prevent, halt, or reverse diseases of aging. We are creating medicines that lengthen healthspan, the amount of time people live in good health.

Backed by ARCH Venture Partners and Venrock, Unity has been working for over four years to develop senolytic drugs — drugs that clear senescent cells from the body while leaving normal cells unaffected. Unity has demonstrated in animal models that clearing senescent cells restores normal tissue function, thereby reversing or preventing many age-related pathologies, including osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, eye diseases and kidney diseases. Our mission is to build a future in which these diseases no longer affect people’s daily lives as they grow older — a future in which people stay healthy and mobile long into old age.

Unity’s world-class management team has collectively moved 91 therapeutic candidates into human clinical trials and is responsible for the creation of 13 FDA-approved medicines. Unity is located in the San Francisco Bay area and is seeking to hire experienced individuals to help guide our vision toward reality.

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