ReCode Therapeutics

The Why Behind Our Work

We imagine a world where people living with genetic diseases can fully benefit from the promise of genetic medicines. Our novel mRNA and gene correction therapeutics have the potential to make this a reality.

Therapeutic Areas of Focus

Cystic fibrosis

Primary ciliary dyskinesia

Certain cancers and central nervous system (CNS) diseases

Power the Next Wave of Genetic Medicine

We are one of the rare companies whose innovations are poised to fundamentally shift an entire class of medicine.

Join us as we advance our pipeline into clinical development and scale ReCode’s next-generation genetic medicines delivery platform and pipeline.

1140 O’Brien Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025
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Bringing in an additional $50 million in a Series B extension, ReCode Therapeutics’ total haul for the funding round totaled $260 million, which it will use to further its experimental mRNA therapies.
Drugs that act on the CFTR protein only work in patients who produce the protein in the first place. That leaves 6% of patients hanging.
ReCode plans to use its SORT LNP genetic medicines delivery technology to treat CF and PCD patients who don’t respond to current treatments.
This week money went towards more advanced rounds of financing for drugs and technology that have already shown a lot of promises.
Suliman anticipates filing an Investigational New Drug application with the FDA for the PCD asset this year, and next year filing one for the cystic fibrosis asset.
While the volatility of the market has some shying away from going public, private investment dollars are still rolling in each week. Check out our top picks.
ReCode is aiming to advance its lead candidates for cystic fibrosis and primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD).
Vida Ventures III will approach investments the same way its first two funds do, identifying and investing in what they believe to be transformative biomedical innovative companies.