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About Codagenix, Inc.

Codagenix is a clinical stage, venture and public-sector-funded small business that is using our synthetic biology-based vaccine design platform “SAVE” to construct prophylactic viral vaccines and oncolytic agents. All viruses, whether Zika or influenza, uses the host cell ribosome to translate their genome and synthesize their proteins. SAVE is a computer algorithm that re-codes and “de-optimizes” viral genes – in turn putting the wild-type viral genes in a “language” read slowly by the mammalian host ribosome. De-optimization results in a vast reduction of pathogenesis, yet induction of a potent immune response given the presentation of ALL, perfectly matched antigens of the target. This platform has universal applications to the re-design of viral genomes.

Codagenix’s lead program is a live-attenuated, universal Influenza vaccine that has demonstrated safety and broad immunogenicity in a Phase I clinical trial. Using SAVE, Codagenix is developing a pipeline of live-attenuated vaccines against other targets including: RSV (Phase I Q1-2019), Zika (Phase I Q1-2019), and Dengue as well as rationally designed oncolytic candidates against Melanoma, Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, and Neuroblastoma.

Codagenix also has an established partnership in the agricultural space - designing and co-developing SAVE-deoptimized vaccines for swine, canine, bovine, and other markets.



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