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Purdue Research Park 

Purdue Technology Center
3000 Kent Avenue
West Lafayette  Indiana  47906  U.S.A.
Phone: 765-494-8645 Fax: 765-494-0139

Located about two miles north of Purdue University's main campus in West Lafayette, Purdue Research Park is a business acceleration hot-zone and home to the largest cluster of high-tech companies in the State of Indiana. More than 2,500 people work at the 120 companies located within the park. Approximately 73 of these companies are high-tech firms. The park provides an interactive environment for experienced university researchers and Indiana's high-tech entrepreneurs as well as knowledge-based companies that want to develop businesses based on licensed Purdue technologies or collaborate with Purdue through sponsored research.

The research park's business development expertise and state-of-the-art facilities create an environment conducive to growth acceleration for high-tech firms, which are primarily operating in the fields of life sciences, information technology and advanced manufacturing.

Lafayette-West Lafayette has received national recognition as a great community in which to raise a family. In 1999, Money magazine ranked Lafayette-West Lafayette the No. 2 small city in which to live in the Midwest in its annual listing of best places to live. Here, housing is reasonably priced, commutes are short and schools are highly-rated and produce SAT scores toping national averages. With more than 4,000 international students and residents from 130 different countries, the area offers a diverse cultural experience.

Purdue Research Park's Life Sciences Cluster
Akina, Inc. - developing Purdue-licensed technologies that improve the ways in which prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and even vitamins are administered orally. Akina's drug-delivery technologies include fast-melting tablets, delivery vehicles for poorly water-soluble drugs, microcapsules for the delivery of protein drugs, hydrogel tablets for oral controlled release, and surface coating technology for making drug-eluting stents.

Andara Life Science Inc. - developing a Purdue-patented oscillating field stimulator, a technology that has shown early promise in bringing quality-of-life improvements to patients with paralysis by stimulating nerve regeneration. Andara is a Purdue Research Park affiliate company with headquarters in Indianapolis.

Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. - a drug development firm providing contract research services and products for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. BASi is a leading manufacturer of specialized instrumentation and accessories for liquid chromatography, in vivo sampling, veterinary medicine and electrochemistry. The company has a history of involvement with CNS drugs, antibiotics, antivirals and diabetes research.

Cook Biotech, Inc. - developing and manufacturing Purdue-licensed biocompatible scaffolds for surgical repair of hernias, wounds, burns and other soft-tissue injuries. The company has received 12 FDA clearances for medical products, with many of these products currently being used to help patients undergoing wound care, burn management, hernia repair, urological procedures and general surgery.

CurXceL, Inc. - a biotechnology company planning to engage in the discovery and development of novel therapeutic drugs intended to treat neurodegenerative diseases and conditions.

Endocyte Inc. - developing a new generation of receptor-targeted therapeutics or "smart drugs" for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. In collaboration with Purdue, researchers from Endocyte have developed and patented a novel drug-delivery system that couples, or "tags", vitamins to drugs. Endocyte's targeted drug delivery technology uses vitamins to target cells that express vitamin receptors.

FuturaGene, Inc. - developing ways to grow crops in extremely unfavorable conditions by decoding the plant genome to produce varieties of crops resistant to traditionally hostile environments - such as heavily salinated (salty) soil, drought, frost and fungal attack - while avoiding the introduction of foreign genes into plant species.

QuadraSpec, Inc. - developing Purdue-patented protein-diagnostics technology, which utilizes an instrument similar to a compact-disc player to identify proteins in the bloodstream that can indicate the onset of many diseases.

SSCI (Solid State Chemical Information), Inc. - providing comprehensive cGMP research and analytical services to the pharmaceutical, specialty, industrial, and fine chemical industries in the characterization and chemistry of solid materials. SSCI helps its pharmaceutical industry clients accelerate the pace of drug development and improve the quality of the drugs that they offer to the world.

The Chao Center for Industrial Pharmacy & Contract Manufacturing - manufacturing of legacy drugs and small volume drugs. One of only five university-affiliated pharmaceutical manufacturing centers in the nation, the center's mission - calling for preeminence in pharmaceutical education, development and manufacturing - also calls for its participation in the development of the next generation of pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals.

Purdue Research Park Awards
Nation's Outstanding University Research Park (Association of University Research Parks, 2004)
2004 Professional Service Provider (TechPoint's MIRA Award, 2004)
Outstanding Incubator Graduate of the Year - gh LLC (National Business Incubation Association, 2004)
Inside Indiana Business' Innovative Business Award (Grow Indiana Media Ventures, 2004)
Global Innovators Award Finalist (CoreNET, 2004)
Nation's Top Business Acceleration Program (University Business, 2003)

Exciting Career Opportunities
To learn more about career opportunities within companies at the Purdue Research Park, please visit our Web site or contact Judith Hall, PHR, Director of Human Resources, at (765) 494-8708 or

Purdue Research Foundation is an equal access/equal opportunity employer.

Last Updated: 05-06-05

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Web Site: Purdue Research Park

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