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Cooperative Research Centre for Diagnostics 

Q Block, QUT Gardens Point Campus
2 George Street
Brisbane  Queensland    Australia
Phone: 61-7-3864-4015 Fax:

The CRC for Diagnostics (CDx) brings together leading Australian-based diagnostic research organisations and end-users to provide a Centre for Excellence in the development of novel diagnostic technologies. The research portfolio can be divided into 5 broad streams:

  • Protein profiling - novel targets for diagnosis and monitoring of complex chronic diseases
  • High affinity reagents - novel reagents and new platforms for library construction and screening using compact protein domains and peptides
  • Genome diagnostics - human SNPs for physical characteristics, prostate cancer and genome stability
  • Infectious disease diagnostics - nucleic acid and antigen/antibody tests and microbial genotyping
  • Homogeneous reporter systems - analyte activation of enzymatic reporters

    Key research and innovation areas:
    CDx integrates protein and nucleic acid-based technologies, processes and products for rapid in vitro diagnosis and monitoring of human diseases and phenotypes. It develops platform technologies in molecular diversity, molecular interactions, genomics and proteomics for biomarker discoveries, target binding and reporter systems. CDx develops and exploits diagnostic platforms to enable more patient-specific screening for predisposition of selected diseases and medical conditions.

    Specific projects/technology offers:

  • Novel SNPs for human physical appearance
  • SNP genotyping technology for rapid bacterial identification and typing
  • Technology for production of generic positive control reagents for in vitro immunodiagnostic assays
  • Novel DNA amplification and detection methods
  • High affinity binding molecules, including novel compact protein domains and peptide libraries
  • Novel in vivo molecular evolution processes for improvement of binding reagents
  • Improvement of protein folding and expression in suitable recombinant protein expression systems


    Professor Ian Gardner
    CEO, CRC for Diagnostics
    Q Block, QUT Gardens Point Campus
    2 George Street
    Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
    Tel: 61-7-3864-4015

    Last Updated: 05-12-04

    Key Statistics

    Ownership: Private

    Web Site: Cooperative Research Centre for Diagnostics

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