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Detroit R&D, Inc. 

2727 Second Avenue MCHT, Suite 4113

Detroit  Michigan  48201  U.S.A.
Phone: 313-961-1606 Fax: 313-963-7130

About Hyesook Kim, Ph.D.

  • President & Founder of Detroit R&D
  • Member of EHS Center at Wayne State University
  • Part-Time (Associate Professor Level), Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Wayne State University

    About Detroit R&D

    Detroit R&D founded in 1997 by Dr. Kim provides products through leading-edge technology in P450 antibody microarrays (pending patent), hypertension (2 patents), COX-2, oxidative stress (patent), DNA damage (pending patent), Xenopus microarrays (pending patent) and wound healing (pending patent). Detroit R&D also markets liquid N2/freezer boxes for systematic organization (patent).

    Detroit R&D has a successful track record with National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences SBIRs in hypertension and early drug toxicology screening with 6 completed SBIR (in total, $1.85 million) and an active Phases II ($0.75 million). Two active Phase I SBIRs are in breast cancer metastasis (National Cancer Institute) and fetal alcohol syndrome (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) (in total, $0.8 million).

    Key words for research and products

    Hypertension, 14,15-DHET,
    COX-2, DNA Damage, Oxidative Stress, Nitration/Polymerization,
    mRNA Delivery, Wound Healing,
    Drug-Metabolism, P450 Antibodies, GST Antibodies,
    Antibody Microarrays, Xenopus Microarrays,
    Systemic Sample Organizer


    1. "Detection of hypertension using immunoreactive metabolic products" US patent #6,440,682 and 6.534,282 (2 divisional patents issued on 8/27/02 & 3/18/2003, respectively).
    2. Bio-preservatives: A method for retarding bacterial growth in food by adding nitrate-rich plant extracts such as broccoli, chinese cabbage and celery. US patent #6,217,925 B1, issued on 4/17/2001.
    3. "Assessment of oxidant stress in vitro and in vivo" US patent #6,812,212 issued on 11/02/04.
    4. "Augmentation of wound healing by elF4E mRNA and EGF mRNA" (pending).
    5. "Detection and identification of toxicants by measurement of gene expression profile" (pending).
    6. "Scientific vial storage box" Design patent #D42194 issued on 6/29/04, "Method and system for organizing samples" Utility patent (pending).
    7. "Antibody and protein microarrays: Chip production, hybridization and data interpretation" (pending).
    8. "DNA damage analysis using quantitative polymerase chain reaction analysis" (pending).

    Research Fund (Since 1998)

    Completed -- NIH SBIR Phase I, "Immunoassays for metabolites of AA epoxygenases", 6/1/98-1/31/99.
    Completed -- NIH SBIR Phase I, "Mutagenicity/genotoxicity assays with endogenous PGHS-2", 8/1/99-7/31/00.
    Completed -- NIH SBIR Phase I, "Microarrays of X. laevis genes: A tool for Molecular Toxicology", 2/1/01 - 10/31/01.
    Completed -- NIH R15 grant, "Role of cytochrome P450 in isoflavone metabolism" 9/30/99-9/29/03.
    Completed -- NIH SBIR Phase II, "Immunoassays for metabolites of AA epoxygenases", 3/15/00-3/13/04.
    Completed -- NIH SBIR Phase I, "Targeted Antibody Microarrays: A Tool for Toxicoproteomics", 6/1/03-3/30/04.
    Completed -- NIH SBIR Phase II, "Mutagenicity/genotoxicity assays with PGHS-2", 9/30/01-6/30/04.
    Completed -- Michigan Life Science Corridor Fund partner company "The mechanism of eukaryotic arsenic transport and resistance", 1/1/01-12/31/04.
    Active -- NIH SBIR Phase II, "Microarrays of X. laevis genes: A tool for Molecular Toxicology", 9/19/03-8/31/05.
    Active -- NIH SBIR Phase I "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Biomarkers by Antibody Microarray" 9/15/03-8/31/05.
    Active -- STTR Phase I "A molecular Signature of Cell Invasion in Breast Cancer", 3/1/04-2/28/06.

    Last Updated: 02-10-05

    Key Statistics

    Ownership: Private

    Web Site: Detroit R&D, Inc.

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