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811 North Main Street

Ann Arbor  Michigan  48104  U.S.A.
Phone: 888-669-8159 Fax: 734-913-6010

Equilibria offers custom software solutions and IT strategy development for the life science industry. Our focus is unifying diverse research informatics environments with two core competencies:

1. The implementation of clear, effective and savvy user-interface environments.

2. The architecture, development, and deployment of distributed computing systems across global information sources.

The combination exposes accessible business-critical knowledge, ultimately leading to faster, more effective drug discovery.

Our goal is to make each solution intuitive for the user, modular and easy to integrate, built upon industry standards, easy to maintain and enhance, scalable, platform independent, minimally reliant on proprietary software, and open-source.

Sample Solutions:


Sample and reagent tracking is critical for competitive productivity, but each company implements unique workflow that off-the-shelf products threaten to disrupt. We design custom solutions allowing flexible inventory queries using custom parameters, and the implementation of wireless technologies to receive, barcode, and stock inventory quickly. Intuitive, real-time inventory maintenance and querying across the enterprise optimizes the discovery workflow process.

Data Mining

Fast, intuitive access to global discovery knowledge is essential. Equilibria's technology bridges tie together legacy and modern data warehouses, external information sources, and researchers across global companies, connecting information (chemical structure databases, gene libraries, inventories, journals, and assay results) to the users (researchers and managers). Our technology frameworks facilitate highly effective knowledge sharing across disciplines and locations, despite heterogeneous computing environments and technologies. Scientists with access to all domain data can make better assessments for next steps in the discovery process.

Shipping & Receiving

Research organizations face inefficiency when scientific collaboration encounters the quagmires of preparing and approving shipments, documentation, and diverse data formats. Equilibria streamlines shipping and receiving, sending automatic status notification throughout shipment workflow. Facilitating data and compound transfer allows collaborators in the discovery process to concentrate on the science, instead of the headache.

Last Updated: 07-24-02

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