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Novozymes A/S 

Krogshoejvej 36

Bagsvaerd    DK-2880  Denmark
Phone: 45-88-24-99-99 Fax: 45-88-24-99-98


Novozymes is the biotech-based world leader in enzymes and microorganisms. Using nature’s own technologies, we continuously expand the frontiers of biological solutions to improve industrial performance in all areas. From our headquarters in Denmark, Novozymes pioneered the industrial enzyme business more than 60 years ago and today commands more than 44 percent of the global market.

Novozymes’ 600 plus products are key in the production of thousands of consumer and industrial products used in everyday life – from bread, beer and bioethanol to textiles, detergent and animal feed. In more than 40 different industries and 130 countries, our biological solutions improve industrial performance and quality while saving water, energy, raw materials and waste. We have research and production facilities in numerous countries around the world, including Denmark, the U.S., China and Brazil.

In partnership with customers, technology leaders and other stakeholders, Novozymes’ 4,200 employees use nature’s diversity and our advanced biotech platform to make these unique qualities available to businesses everywhere. We imagine a future where our biological solutions create the necessary balance between better business, cleaner environment and better lives. We call it the industrial evolution.

Novozymes also is using our technology platform to expand our portfolio of biological solutions. With the acquisition of Novozymes Biopharma in 2002, we obtained the backbone for production of pharmaceutical proteins and launched in late 2004 our first biopolymer product, hyaluronic acid, for cosmetics use. In addition, Novozymes is exploring the potential for our technologies in other areas such as antimicrobial peptides and low-allergenic protein technology.

Novozymes A/S B shares are listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. For further company information, visit Novozymes on the Internet at:

Novozymes has four subsidiaries in the U.S.: Novozymes US, Novozymes North America, Novozymes Biotech, Inc. and Novozymes Biologicals, Inc. Novozymes US is the holding company for the three operating subsidiaries.

Novozymes North America, Inc., located in Franklinton, NC, near the Research Triangle Park, houses the company’s North American headquarters. With more than 1,600 acres, Novozymes’ North Carolina plant is the largest multipurpose enzyme manufacturing facility in the United States. The site’s nearly 400 full-time and 60 part-time employees represent all major business functions, including production, research and development, sales, marketing, finance, engineering, and human resources, among others. In addition to production and scale-up operations, the Franklinton facility comprises sales and marketing, applied discovery, technical services, business operations, environmental services, and additional site support functions. Serving Novozymes customers primarily in the North American market, the plant is certified to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and is a member of the EPA National Environmental Performance Track Program. Novozymes celebrated its 25th anniversary in Franklinton in early 2003, making it one of the Southeast’s oldest biotechnology companies.

For more information about Novozymes North America, visit:

Novozymes North America
77 Perry Chapel Church Road
Franklinton, NC 27525 USA
Phone: +1 919.494.3000
Fax: +1 919.494.3450

Novozymes, Inc., located in Davis, CA, is a wholly owned research and development subsidiary of Novozymes. Established in 1992, Novozymes Biotech is a global leader in the development of biotechnology products, using an integrated and comprehensive technology platform and employing scientists in the fields of molecular biology, protein chemistry, chemical engineering and microbial physiology. Our research team identifies and engineers new industrial enzymes and improves the manufacturing process for new and existing enzymes. Novozymes Biotech collaborates with other Novozymes research groups in Denmark, the United States, Japan and China as well as the University of California at Davis and other academic labs worldwide. Through basic and applied research programs, we strive to develop new enzymes suitable for industrial processes that can replace the use of synthetic chemicals with efficient, convenient and cost-effective solutions. Detergent, textile, bioethanol, starch, baking, wine, juice, brewing, food functionality, animal feed, and pulp and paper are just a few of the industries benefiting from our discoveries. We are also engaged in biotechnological research in the pharmaceutical, agricultural and biochemical fields.

For more information, visit Novozymes Biotech at:

Novozymes, Inc.
1445 Drew Avenue
Davis, CA 95616 USA
Phone: +1 530.757.8100
Fax: +1 530.758.0317

Novozymes Biologicals, Inc., based in Salem, VA, produces microbial-based products that address household, industrial and agricultural problems with environmentally safe technology. With over 16,000 square feet of laboratories and a technical team of approximately 40 associates, Novozymes Biologicals, Inc. has significant expertise in microbial physiology, molecular biology, plant physiology, environmental engineering and organic chemistry. The company produces live microbial products for a variety of applications, including cleaning and odor control for institutional and household products, industrial and municipal waste treatment products, and new technologies for animal health and plant care. Applications include odor control, drain line and septic tank maintenance, grease removal, carpet cleaning, and wastewater treatment.

For further company information, visit Novozymes Biologicals at:

Novozymes Biologicals, Inc.
5400 Corporate Circle
Salem, VA 24153 USA
Phone: +1 800.859.2972
Fax: +1 540.389.9361

Last Updated: 12-19-05

Key Statistics

Ownership: Public

Web Site: Novozymes
Employees: 4200
Symbol: NVZMY



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