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1365 Main Street

Waltham  Massachusetts  02451  U.S.A.
Phone: 781-891-3816 Fax: 781-891-3843

EngeneOS was formed in late 2000 to exploit a tremendous opportunity at the intersection of the biological, physical, and information sciences. By integrating knowledge from the ongoing genomics revolution with cutting edge technologies from the physical and information sciences, we are pioneering the commercialization of Biomolecular Engineering. EngeneOS will design and build programmable Biomolecular Devices from both natural and artificial building blocks. These Biomolecular Devices will have a broad range of commercial applications within the areas of biosensing and detection, chemical synthesis and processing, bio-electronic devices and materials, functional genomics and drug discovery.

Founders and Key Scientific Advisors

  • Noubar Afeyan, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO, NewcoGen Group
  • Joseph Jacobson, Ph.D., MIT Media Lab
  • John Schwartz, Ph.D., MIT Center for Biomedical Engineering
  • Eric Lander, Ph.D., Whitehead/MIT Center for Genome Research
  • Daniel I.C. Wang, Ph.D., Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT
  • George Church, Ph.D., Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

    Management Team

  • Frank Lee, Ph.D., President and CEO; former Chief Technology Officer, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Anjan Mehta, Chief Business Officer; former CEO Trident Consulting, VP, A. D. Little

    Technology Platform

    EngeneOS' technology platform starts with the "source code" of Nature's operating system, embodied in the genomic sequences of various organisms. The company is combining this information with modern molecular biology techniques and forward engineering principles to develop an Engineered Genomic Operating System. The system will consist of engineered component modules supported by modeling and design tools. We plan to build a library of proprietary modular components, including engineered cells and proteins, as well as hybrid components composed of biological and non-biological materials. Guided by our proprietary modeling and design tools, these modular components will be combined to build programmable Biomolecular Devices with novel form and function.

    Our Technology Platform will integrate proprietary and non-proprietary technologies (e.g. genomic analysis, molecular biology, etc.). Our proprietary technologies include:

    • Chemosensitive Transcriptional Switches
    • Direct Electronic control of Biomolecules
    • Novel peptide-based materials
    • Nano-scale biomolecular actuators
    • Direct Electronic readout of Biomolecular interactions
    • High throughput affinity reagent discovery - e.g. Antibody
    • Computer-aided design and modeling

    Our diverse technology portfolio will encompass a wide range of commercial utilities, including:

    • Enzyme Optimization
    • Engineered Biocatalytic Processes
    • Homogenous Assays
    • Novel Biosensors
    • Electronically induced delivery and control - e.g. Drug Delivery
    • Bio-assembled nano-scale electronics

    Our Technology platform provides significant value propositions to our customers and end-users. For example:

    • Rapid and predictable design of novel biomolecular devices and systems
    • Enable particular molecular structure with desired functionality through programmable logic
    • Modular approach and methodology providing standardized, flexible technologies for a wide range of commercial applications
    • Predictable and precise control of structure, function and performance
    • Combine speed, efficiency and cost of electronics with specificity of biology


    We will be commercializing our comprehensive portfolio of intellectual property and technology know-how, both by providing access to the platform and by providing products and services. We expect to work with partners and customers in both product and technology development.


    Our newly occupied lab facility in Waltham, MA just minutes from the heart of Boston and Cambridge, allows for our collaboration with many of the top research institutions in the United States.

    Last Updated: 09-17-03

    Key Statistics

    Ownership: Private

    Web Site: EngeneOS
    Employees: 8

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