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University of North Carolina (UNC) 

CB # 6000
312 South Building
Chapel Hill  North Carolina  27599-6000  U.S.A.
Phone: 919-962-2023 Fax: 919-962-0647

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was the first state university to open its doors. The University was chartered in 1789, laid its first cornerstone on October 12, 1793, and opened officially on January 16, 1795. Now part of the 16-campus University of North Carolina system, the University of Chapel Hill is ranked among the great institutions of higher education in the nation, and one of the foremost graduate and research institutions in the country.

Today's institution at Chapel Hill is made up of 14 colleges and schools, including numerous institutes and research centers. Student enrollment is over 23,000. Bachelor's degrees are offered in over 69 fields of study, master's degrees in 87, the Ph.D. in 59, and professional degrees are given in 11 schools.

Led by Chancellor James Moeser, the University is in the midst of its Bicentennial Campaign, seeking $320 million to support Carolina's mission of excellence in teaching, research, and public service.

Last Updated: 01-14-04

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Ownership: unknown

Web Site: University of North Carolina


Panacos Pharmaceuticals Inc.  Chapel Hill - Professor K.H. Lee is a leading natural products chemist with whom Panacos collaborates to screen natural products, and identify and optimize novel antiviral drugs.

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