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Genencor International, Inc. 

Division Headquarters
925 Page Mill Road
Palo Alto  California  94304  U.S.A.
Phone: 650-846-7500 Fax: 650-845-6500

Genencor, a division of Danisco A/S, is a world leader in industrial biotechnology and a pioneer in enzyme innovation. Genencor improves process and product performance and develops novel products, for a spectrum of industries. As part of a large global organization, Genencor’s manufacturing and distribution network spans more than 40 countries.

Industries Genencor serves include:

• Textiles
• Fabric & Household Care
• Biofuels – current and cellulosic ethanol
• Sweetener production
• Biodefense
• Biochemicals
• Industrial processing
• Animal Nutrition (Danisco-branded)
• Food & Beverage (Danisco-branded)

In collaboration with customers, technology leaders and other stakeholders, Genencor supplies competitive, biobased solutions. These innovations create value throughout the supply chain, from raw material to finished product, while working toward a low-carbon economy.

Genencor core competencies:

• We design and operate cell factories
• We rapidly create engineered proteins that accomplish what was previously considered impossible, delivering significant value to our most important customers
• We engineer the metabolic pathways of microorganisms to produce enzymes, proteins and other biomolecules at industrial scale and economics

Genencor led the way in manufacturing enzymes on a large-scale and applying protein engineering to optimize customer applications. Since then Genencor has launched many breakthrough innovations, from new polymer platforms to advanced biofuel and biochemical solutions. In 2008 we established the joint venture DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol LLC, and also announced a research collaboration with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company to develop BioIsoprene?, used to make synthetic rubber for tires.

The division employs about 1400 people. U.S. headquarters are located in Rochester, NY, and Palo Alto, California, where we have our R&D facilities.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-847-5311.

Key Statistics

Ownership: Subsidiary

Web Site: Genencor International, Inc.
Employees: 1260



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