Labor market

Despite the benefits of hiring foreign-born STEM employees, some companies avoid it largely due to unfamiliarity with the visa process, according to two recruitment experts.
BioSpace spoke to HR leaders about how they have been supporting companies navigating a challenging economy while meeting the needs of the workforces they support.
BioSpace’s Lori Ellis and Chantal Dresner discuss anticipated job market trends for 2024 including unemployment, anticipated job search activity and hiring trends.
BioSpace’s Employment Outlook report investigates anticipated job search activity and hiring outlook in 2024 as well as how the current workforce is currently faring
This labor market report examines Q3 life science job market trends and the recruitment outlook for Q4 and beyond.
BioSpace surveyed industry employers and professionals to understand what to expect from the recruitment market in 2022. What do professionals want? How difficult will it be to recruit new talent?
Get up to speed with BioSpace’s data with up-to-date info about retention, layoffs, “quiet quitting” and projections for 2023.
After a tumultuous 2022, life science employers are settling into their hiring goals for 2023. Though they may be hiring at lower volume, the majority of organizations are still actively recruiting.
Economic turbulence has persisted into 2023 and the life science industry is certainly not immune. How are organizations juggling business needs, budgets, recruitment and retention?
Following a tumultuous start to 2023, layoffs have cooled off though recruiting activities have been significantly impacted by the economic environment.