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About Nanowear

Nanowear is the leading developer of patented, textile-based nanosensor technology with applications across a broad array of medical conditions and chronic disease states. The Company’s proprietary technology provides medical professionals with accurate and continuous diagnostic data through a wearable deployment that is cost-effective and unobtrusive to the patient. Real-time data is captured and transmitted wirelessly, streamlining the feedback process and driving outcomes. Nanowear’s core focus on innovation and next-gen technologies will continue to propel the Company towards exploring unique and groundbreaking applications for its nanosensor smart-textile technology.
Co-Founder & CEO: Venk Varadan
Co-Founder, Inventor & CINO: Dr. Vijay Varadan
CMO: John Zimmerman M.D.
Founding Engineer & CTO: Prashanth Shyam Kumar

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