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About Purdue Pharmaceuticals, L.P.

Purdue Pharmaceuticals, L.P., headquartered in Stamford, CT, is a privately held pharmaceutical company founded by physicians and focused on meeting the needs of healthcare providers and the patients in their care. Together with its independent associated companies, Purdue is dedicated to finding, developing, and bringing to market new medicines and related products that improve health outcomes. The company has long been known for its pioneering research on persistent pain, a principal cause of human suffering.

Purdue also has a growing line of non-prescription products including laxatives, microbicides, and nutraceuticals. The company is dedicated to serving the evolving needs of healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers with prescription and non-prescription medicines. A commitment to innovation and caring spans every aspect of the organization, from discovering and launching new medicines to demonstrating their medical value.

Purdue has led the battle against inadequate treatment of pain by developing sustained-release medications to manage pain. Its sales, marketing, and medical education professionals provide the healthcare community with comprehensive educational materials and programs relating to pain management.

In 1993, Purdue established Partners Against Pain® as a resource to help patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals advance standards of pain care and alleviate unnecessary suffering through education and advocacy. Purdue has also assumed a leading role in addressing the serious public health problem of prescription drug abuse, supporting programs intended to help stem abuse.

At its research facilities in Cranbury, New Jersey, Purdue scientists are discovering new compounds to treat pain and developing formulations and delivery systems to help improve patient safety.

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