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About Arcus Biosciences, Inc.

Arcus was founded in 2015 with the vision of bringing together scientists, physicians, advisors, and other leaders with significant content-matter expertise to focus on developing highly-combinable, best-in-class cancer therapies. The complexity of the tumor microenvironment requires a deep scientific understanding to guide judicious combinations of therapeutic agents with potential synergistic activity and the ability to identify biomarkers to select patients most likely to achieve significant, durable responses to treatment. Since our inception, our focus has primarily been targeting well-understood biological pathways where the biology had not yet yielded high-quality medicines.
One of Arcus's early key competitive advantages was building a strong foundation of an industry-leading group of individuals who run our world-class discovery engine and development organization. We believe discovery is not a commodity and have invested in building a high-performing research organization. Through the efforts of our discovery and development teams, we were able to bring our first molecule in the clinic from concept to the clinical stage development in less than 21 months.
We have complemented our productive discovery organization with clinical and commercial leadership that has led multiple cancer immunotherapy programs from early-stage development though to successful global launches. As Arcus advances its product candidates through clinical studies, we work closely with the medical community, patients and caregivers to facilitate participation in our clinical trials enabling potential breakthrough medicines to reach patients faster.
Today, with four product candidates in the clinic across more than a dozen clinical studies in areas of high unmet need, we are well on our way to becoming a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company creating best-in-class cancer therapies.

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