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75 Shoreway Road, Suite D
San Carlos
United States

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About Alkahest, Inc.

At Alkahest, we strive to lead the way towards effective therapies for patients suffering from diseases associated with the detrimental processes of aging. We believe that as an industry, we simply haven’t done enough to help drive solutions for the most under-treated and devastating diseases affecting this growing demographic. We want to help.

Aging is the dominant risk factor in degenerative diseases. Many of the pressing age-related and neurodegenerative diseases have a profound impact on patients and their caregivers, yet have very limited treatment options. Alkahest has embarked upon a simple but elegant approach to treat disorders of aging by capitalizing on the body’s own natural regulatory and communication mechanisms, leveraging the plasma proteome. The promise of this science, and the potential to make a difference to patients around the world, was the founding principle of Alkahest.

For all of the great progress we have made so far, we credit our dedicated and impassioned team for driving our successes. Our culture is warm and supportive, genuine and ethical, rigorous and scientific, and collaborative yet entrepreneurial. Based in Silicon Valley, home to many leaders in the biotechnology industry, the heart of our culture is scientific innovation. We work hard, yet we have fun while we’re doing so. We are passionate about both our collegial atmosphere as well as working together on cutting-edge therapies that will change the lives of patients. We know we have a lot further to go, and we’re ready for the long haul.

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