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ELECT Diagnostic Systems 

C/O USC School of Medicine,
Department of Pathology 2250 Alcazar Street #109J
Los Angeles  California  90033  U.S.A.
Phone: n/a Fax: n/a

ELECT Diagnostic Systems (EDS) is the proposed name for a new portfolio company of commercial Electronics, LLC (CE). Commercial Electronics, LLC is a venture capital firm funded by TRW, Inc. and outside investors for the purpose of commercializing certain TRW technologies. EDS’s strategic objective will be the development and commercialization of a new diagnostic platform technology collectively developed by the University of Southern California School of Medicine, the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology (Germany), and TRW, Inc. The EDS technology utilizes an adaptable enzymatic reporter engine in conjunction with a CMOS micro interdigitated array (IDA) to quickly and reliably test blood for a wide range of antigens, antibodies, pathogenic microorganisms, and their toxic metabolites.

EDS utilizes current immunoassay techniques to detect either DNA or RNA sequences. Whereas existing systems measure optically by spectrometry, fluorimetry, or chemiluminescence; the EDS system utilizes an electrochemical sensor with interdigitated microelectrodes to measure electrochemical rather than optical changes. The EDS technology is applicable to all immunochemistry and molecular diagnostic applications that currently utilize optical diagnostic methodologies. EDS’s electrochemical method provides its test result in the form of electric current that can easily be observed or telemetered. This results in relatively simple, compact and robust analysis instrumentation, with near-real time detection capabilities under a variety of field conditions. The EDS technology represents a potentially new platform technology for clinical and forensic diagnostics. The technology is not specific to any disease or pathogen, it lends itself to both high volume continuous flow as well as low volume point-of-care applications.

Last Updated 1/19/99

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