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Vitra Bioscience Inc. (Formerly Virtual Arrays, Inc.) 

2450 Bayshore Parkway

Mountain View  California  94043  U.S.A.
Phone: 650-988-4600 Fax: 650-988-4639

Vitra Bioscience develops technologies to provide an inovative and logical approach to cell-based assays in drug discovery. By enabling users to make early decisions based on robust and thorough information, candidate clinical compounds can be identified earlier.

Vitra Bioscience CellCard™ System is the only technology capable of running CellPlex™ assays which facilitate multiple cell-types and parameters to be evaluated in a single assay well. By interrogating a multiple number of cell types in parallel, the CellCard system addresses the acute and growing bottleneck in the identification of well characterized, target selective and non-cytotoxic leads.

Vitra Bioscience offers a complete turnkey system that will help you meet your research goals today.

At the center of the technology are proprietary CellCard carriers that have unique, identifiable codes, similar to barcodes. To run a CellPlex assay, different cell types are first associated with different classes of CellCards. Next, all of the CellCard classes with their associated cells are mixed and deposited in microtiter plate wells, creating a cellular array in each well. After an assay is performed, the CellCard imaging system collects images. The images are then analyzed with proprietary software, which identifies the CellCard codes and the assay data by applying sophisticated algorithms to extract multiple assay parameters.

Last Updated: 10-15-03

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Ownership: Private

Web Site: Vitra Bioscience Inc.


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