Eosera, Inc.

1120 S Freeway
Fort Worth
United States

Tel: 516-400-3277

Email: info@eosera.com

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About Eosera, Inc.

Eosera exists for the purpose of healing humans – not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too. In this noisy world full of corporations focused solely on profits, we are going against the grain. At Eosera, people are our priority. We are committed to developing products that address underserved medical needs… with the goal of improving the lives of millions of people around the world. A biotech company, yes; but the true mission of our company is listening to the needs of our world, and creating solutions with lasting impact. We want to hear from you. Click here to subscribe to our blog, view clinical data and stay tuned on the release of our first product, Earwax MD™. We look forward to meeting you.
Co-Founder and CEO: Elyse Dickerson
Co-Founder and CSO: Joe Griffin
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