Enigma Biomedical Group

About Enigma Biomedical Group

Enigma Biomedical Group was founded to introduce a novel biotech-pharma model in Molecular Imaging and Medicine (MIM). The MIM concept unifies advanced diagnostics (such as PET/CT and near-infrared imaging, and gene/gene product analysis), with capabilities for state-of-the-art R&D for accelerated drug development and studying fundamental disease mechanisms. MIM is a multi-disciplinary philosophy, combining university and industry expertise, providing the environment for training, developing and deploying new technologies, and conducting clinical research. MIM provides a focal point for a paradigm shift from conventional medicine to “personalized medicine”. Enigma Biomedical Group and its affiliates are strategically aligned to deliver to the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research community a new model for drug development. This model is based on the merging of the fields of biology and imaging, in what is now commonly called molecular imaging. By combining the facilities and expertise already available with additional expertise, a new Contract Research Organization (CRO) model can be introduced into the market with the following business lines: · “Niche” radiopharmaceutical producer and distributor, with a network of Manufacturing and Distribution sites in the region. · Development of new and proprietary tracers making them available to clinical service providers. · CRO for traditional pharmaceutical companies to improve rates of drug discovery, and speed drug development and approval. This new CRO model will span drug development - from drug discovery to testing and approval - from the basic science level, through animal research to human clinical trials and integrate as a non-invasive imaging tool to test, evaluate and validate new tracers and therapeutics. To effectively deliver this strategy will require a multi-disciplinary team of subject matter experts and access to extensive facilities. It is envisioned that the ideal model would include a biopharmaceutical company; a research based company and collaboration with strategic institutional/academic centres.

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