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About National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

A non-regulatory agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce's Technology Administration, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) strengthens the U.S. economy and improves the quality of life by working with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements and standards through four partnerships: the NIST Laboratories, the Baldrige National Quality Program, the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, and the Advanced Technology Program.
  • The NIST Laboratories, located in both Gaithersburg, Maryland, and Boulder, Colorado, provide measurements and standards for U.S. industry. The Laboratories conduct research in a wide variety of physical and engineering sciences, including electronics and electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, chemical science and technology, physics, materials science and engineering, building and fire research, and information technology.
  • The Baldrige National Quality Program was established by Congress to recognize individual U.S. companies for their achievement and to provide quality awareness and information on successful performance and competitiveness strategies. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award has become the nation's premier award for organizational performance excellence and quality achievement. In 1999, it expanded to educational organizations and health care providers.
  • The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) provides technical and business assistance to smaller manufacturers. A nationwide network of services to assist these manufacturers in becoming globally competitive, MEP leverages federal support by teaming up with state and local organizations.
  • The Advanced Technology Program (ATP) partners with the private sector to develop broadly beneficial technologies. ATP's early stage investment is helping to bridge the gap between the laboratory and the marketplace.
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