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About Howard Hughes Medical Institute

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is the nation's largest private nonprofit source of support for biomedical research and science education. Its scientists are using the tools of molecular biology to shed light on cancer, AIDS, and other diseases. In addition, HHMI grants are encouraging talented students, including many women and underrepresented minorities, to pursue careers in science.
HHMI is a medical research organization. Its principal function is the direct conduct of biomedical research with its own staff. Its employees carry out research in HHMI facilities at leading universities, academic medical centers, and their affiliated hospitals nationwide under collaborative relationships with those institutions. In addition to its scientific program, through a complementary grants program, the Institute awards grants to strengthen science education and support outstanding scientists abroad.
"The primary purpose and objective of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute," according to its charter, "shall be the promotion of human knowledge within the field of the basic sciences (principally the field of medical research and medical education) and the effective application thereof for the benefit of mankind."
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