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About Pharmagene Laboratories Limited

Pharmagene is a drug discovery company whose aim is to provide better drug discovery based on the use of human biological information.
Throughout the drug discovery process, key scientific and financial decisions have to be made which impact on your level of future success. It is therefore vital to have the most comprehensive and appropriate information available to enable you to make the right decisions.
Utilising our combination of human tissue, appropriate technologies, intellectual strength and experience, Pharmagene can generate the information needed to address many of the key questions faced during drug discovery including:
  • How to evaluate which targets are relevant to human disease?
  • How to increase the probability of success with candidate compounds in the clinic?
  • How to extract greater value from existing compounds?

Pharmagene generates value in two ways.
First, we work in partnership with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to provide the information that is needed to support their drug discovery activities.
Our strong product offering, designed to span the entire drug discovery process and based on our combination of human tissue, appropriate technologies, intellectual strength and experience.
  • Pharmagene TargetEvaluator™ is a comprehensive human gene expression database providing information on the expression of gene transcripts in a vast array of diseased and non-diseased human tissues.
  • Pharmagene Phase ZERO™ combines our unrivalled access to human tissue and broad suite of technologies to build more confidence in the process of lead identification and optimisation, enabling you to rigorously profile your drug candidates in human tissues prior to committing to Phase I clinical trials.
  • Pharmagene Indication Switch™ is a combined approach where by we evaluate your existing compounds using all of our available technologies to reveal previously unknown therapeutic indications.

Secondly we utilise this approach to actively pursue an increasing number of internal drug discovery programmes.
Pharmagene has a range of advanced programs on validated targets. The most advanced program, PGN0052 (for cystic fibrosis), was identified using Pharmagene Indication Switch™ technology and is now on the path to clinical development. In addition, Pharmagene's pipeline includes a range of programs at the target validation stage as well as a significant basic research effort.
Last Updated: 06-11-02

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