SystImmune, Inc.

15318 NE 95th St
United States

Tel: +1 (425) 453-6841


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About SystImmune, Inc.

Located in Redmond WA, founded in 2014, SystImmune Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of cancer through developing novel therapeutic bi-specific, and multi-specific antibodies, as well as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Our objective is to create biologics that work through systematic intervention on solid tumor microenvironment, to either directly attack the tumor and/or to activate the immune system to attack the tumor. We are a group of highly experienced immuno-oncology scientists utilizing several technology platforms to develop world class advanced antibody-based drug therapies.

SystImmune Inc., has established three major technology platforms for the discovery and development of novel bio-therapeutics:

  • Antibody discovery: identification of monoclonal antibodies with unique characteristics through screening of thousands of target-specific IgG producing B cells using novel miniaturized immuno-assays
  • Multi-specific antibody engineering platforms
  • Process development platforms to manufacture our bio-therapeutics
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