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SCYNEXIS Europe, Ltd. 

Scynexis House
Fyfield Business and Research P

Fyfield Road
Essex    CM5 OGS  United Kingdom
Phone: 44-0-1277-367050 Fax: 44-0-1277-367099

SCYNEXIS is a Chemistry focused drug-discovery company founded by former Aventis research scientists in July 2000. We provide chemistry-based services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related life sciences industries from "Concept to Clinic"™ with speed and innovation. Our goal is to help you accelerate your drug discovery programmes.

These services are provided on an EXCLUSIVE basis in our fee-for-service collaborations, or as part of a co-development programme. When collaborating on a Fee-For-Service basis, SCYNEXIS does not usually need to negotiate milestones and royalties. We prefer our partners to own the I.P. to their own products.

We are located in modern, fully equipped laboratories with truly state-of the art technologies in both the UK and the USA. SCYNEXIS Europe Ltd. is situated at the Fyfield Business and Research Park, a short distance from Cambridge, the birthplace of the UK Biotech industry, and London Stansted International Airport.
SCYNEXIS Inc., is located on the renowned Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.

We have more than Eighty, (80), highly qualified and skilled chemists who can work with you in any or all of the following stages of your drug development programmes:

  • Design

    o Drug design, In-Silico diversity, Drugability and Predictive ADMET.

  • Lead Generation Compounds and Libraries

    o Rapid high-throughput synthesis and purification of drug-like compounds and libraries for HIT DISCOVERY, HIT EXPLOSION and HIT to LEAD programmes using our proprietary MEDCHEM-FACTORY™ Platform technologies.

    o Novel focused discovery libraries for lead-finding in the Protein Kinase area

  • Lead Optimisation Synthesis

    o Full optimization of lead compounds towards Clinical Candidates.

  • Radiochemistry

    o Synthesis and repurification of radio-labeled ligands for DMPK, biochemical assay, mode of action and environmental fate studies using a variety of radio-isotopes

  • Process Chemistry and cGMP

    o Custom synthesis of intermediates, reference standards and process impurities
    o Scale-up, route development and process optimization
    o FDA registered cGMP manufacturing from preclinical to phase II

    MEDCHEM-FACTORY™ and HEOS™ - combining Automation Technology with Proprietary software.

    We have developed our MEDCHEM-FACTORY™ Platform, a highly automated, linear, integrated process for rapid, high throughput synthesis and purification of compounds and libraries. The MEDCHEM-FACTORY™ platform integrates each of the key processes below.

  • Design - drug design, in-silico diversity, drugability and predictive ADMET.
  • Production - reaction prototyping and optimisation, library production and high-throughput purification techniques
  • Analysis - analysis and quality control, compound registration, plating-out, shipping and storage.

    The process is driven and monitored at each stage by own proprietary single unifying software, HEOS™ (Hit Explorer Operating System). This enables the chemists to design, profile and optimize the candidate library, to customize and monitor the synthesis production process and to visualize and manipulate the analytical data. The HEOS™ software also enables our collaborators secure web-based access to their project data to enable simultaneous review of the data and rapid and efficient decision-making to help meet Concept-to-Clinic™ deadlines.

    The MEDCHEM-FACTORY™ Platform is capable of operating on a 24/7 basis at approximately 600-800 HPLC purifications per day in either of our US or UK facilities.

    We operate two basic business models that are customized to meet the requirements of each collaborator on an individual basis:

  • Carrying out contract medicinal chemistry and radiochemical design and synthesis on a fee-for-service basis, combining FTE pricing with Price Per Compound for the high-throughput stages. This combination pricing structure allows tight budgetary projections and control by our collaborators, and ensures that SCYNEXIS delivers the services and compounds in a timely manner.

  • Carrying out drug co-development programmes with Pharma. For instance, we have recently signed major deal with Merck in the anti-infectives therapeutic area

    In a short period of time SCYENXIS has achieved some enviable milestones, including:

  • Collaborations with more than 25 Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies - Worldwide
  • Raised $45 Million to date. Do not anticipate the need to initiate a further round of funding
  • More than doubled revenues and capacity in 2002
  • Announced a drug co-development collaboration with Merck in July 2002
  • Announced a significant collaboration with Roche (Basle) in October 2002

    We would be delighted to discuss how we may help you accelerate your drug development programmes.

    Please contact:

    Simon J Y Saxby
    Business Development Manager
    SCYNEXIS Europe Ltd.
    Fyfield Business and Research Park
    CM5 0GS

    Telephone +44 (0)1277 367001
    Fax +44 (0)1277 367099

    Last Updated: 10-15-03

    Key Statistics

    Ownership: Subsidiary

    Web Site: SCYNEXIS Europe, Ltd.

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