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GenPath Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

300 Technology Square, 7th Floor

Cambridge  Massachusetts  02139  U.S.A.
Phone: 617-250-5950 Fax:

To discover and develop innovative cancer therapeutics.

GenPath is focused on the discovery and development of drugs that target gene products critical for the maintenance and recurrence of established cancers.

GenPath utilizes a novel approach by applying recent breakthroughs from leading cancer research centers. Central to this approach is the use of inducible, spontaneous cancer models that more faithfully reproduce the human disease and make it possible for the first time to discover genes involved in tumor maintenance and recurrence. These same models will be used to assess the in-vivo effects of drug candidates and to identify disease or disease stage-specific biomarkers. The biomarkers will facilitate preclinical candidate selection and accelerate clinical development by improving patient selection and providing methods for early assessment of clinical efficacy.

With a powerful technology platform that begins with the right models and identifies the right genes, the right drugs, and right patients, and led by an accomplished team of managers, scientists, and investors, GenPath is making rapid progress in discovering and developing innovative cancer therapeutics.

The Right Genes
By applying GenPath's proprietary MaSS Screen technology to the inducible cancer models, genes essential for tumor maintenance and recurrence can be discovered. These genes have thus far escaped traditional research efforts despite their potential importance for cancer treatment.

Once identified, candidate cancer genes are rapidly evaluated in-vivo by examining the ability of RNAi knockdown of that gene to block tumor growth. GenPath's Therapeutic Window technology also provides unprecedented, early insight into the efficacy and safety of the cancer gene as a potential drug target.

The Right Drugs
By more faithfully reproducing the human disease, GenPath's proprietary models will identify drug candidates with a greater likelihood of success in clinical development. GenPath will also make use of advanced genomics and proteomics tools to compare the in-vivo molecular signature of each compound to that obtained with an RNAi knockdown of the new cancer gene. This will allow GenPath to select drug candidates that produce the desired therapeutic effect with maximum selectivity.

The Right Patients
GenPath's models will also be used to identify cancer stage-specific biomarkers. These biomarkers will aid in patient selection and provide surrogate markers for earlier assessments of efficacy, ultimately accelerating clinical development and enabling GenPath to deliver innovative new therapies to the patients who can benefit most from them.

Tuan Ha-Ngoc
Chief Executive Officer
Steven Clark, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Elan Ezickson
Chief Business Officer
Peter Courossi
Chief Financial Officer
Jeno Gyuris, PhD
VP Molecular Technology
Murray Robinson, PhD
VP Oncology

Lynda Chin, MD (Co-Founder)
Dana Farber Cancer Institute,
Harvard Medical School
Ronald DePinho, MD (Co-Founder)
Dana Farber Cancer Institute,
Harvard Medical School
Lewis Cantley, PhD
Harvard Medical School
Tyler Jacks, PhD
MIT Center for Cancer Research
Robert Horvitz, PhD
Professor of Biology, MIT
Richard Klausner, MD
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
National Cancer Institute
Raju Kucherlapati, PhD
Harvard-Partners Center for
Genetics and Genomics
David Livingston, MD
Dana Farber Cancer Institute,
Harvard Medical School
Edward Scolnick, MD
Merck Research Laboratories

Last Updated: 06-13-03

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Ownership: Private

Web Site: GenPath Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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