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Company Profile Inc. 

1516 Second Avenue
4th Floor
Seattle  Washington  98101  U.S.A.
Phone: 206-622-2335 Fax: 206-622-2405



Company News
Massachusetts Biotech iSpecimen Launches Amazon (AMZN)-Like Marketplace for Scientists 6/13/2017 6:12:12 AM
Amazon (AMZN) Echo To Be Used In Medical Device Clinical Trials 6/6/2017 6:35:12 AM
3 Perspectives On How Amazon (AMZN) Could Disrupt The Pharmacy Space 6/6/2017 6:16:54 AM
Amazon (AMZN) Hiring to Break Into the Pharmaceuticals Business 5/17/2017 5:46:11 AM
Eosera Launches Earwax MD With Amazon (AMZN) Exclusives 5/16/2017 9:36:58 AM
Good Start Genetics Deepens Relationship With Amazon (AMZN) Offering A First Of Its Kind Online Ashkenazi Jewish Carrier Screening Test 5/11/2017 11:09:55 AM
myLAB Box Extends Retail Presence Via Top Online Retailers Target, Walmart & Amazon (AMZN) Expanding Accessibility Of Its STD Screening Kits 4/11/2017 9:21:34 AM
Why This Biotech Has Amazon (AMZN)-Growth Potential 3/10/2017 6:17:44 AM
Backed by Amazon (AMZN) and Big Names Like Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY), Celgene (CELG) and Merck & Co. (MRK), Bay Area's GRAIL Banks $900 Million 3/2/2017 6:35:47 AM
Why Amazon (AMZN) CEO Dropped Millions Into Bay Area's Unity Biotech 1/27/2017 6:56:29 AM