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Zengen, Inc. 

6429 Independence Avenue

Woodland Hills  California  91367  U.S.A.
Phone: 818-887-8688 Fax: 818-884-5988

Zengen, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing innovative products to treat and prevent infection and inflammation through application of its patented peptide technologies. These technologies are based on an extensive background of over 25 years of academic research on peptide molecules derived from a-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone (a-MSH), an endogenous molecule that modulates inflammatory and immune responses.

Strategic Approach

Zengen's strategy is to demonstrate the capabilities of our patented peptide technologies and, where appropriate, enter into collaborative arrangements with other pharmaceutical companies that possess complementary capabilities, development resources or other assets. Zengen's development efforts are based on two distinctly separate and versatile approaches. The Company's primary approach is to develop CZEN 002, a synthetic octapeptide (Ac-Cys-Lys-Pro-Val-NH)2, that has broad application as an anti-infective prescription pharmaceutical agent, and to develop novel molecules for the Company's pharmaceutical product pipeline.

The second and parallel approach is to develop another Zengen molecule, LyProVal™, for a variety of applications in the consumer market. Zengen's strategy in this market is to rapidly develop products in the over-the-counter market using its patented peptide technology and thereby create value that can be converted into capital in the near term to finance the development of additional prescription biopharmaceutical products. Because of the broad applications of LyProVal™, the Company has multiple product candidates to develop and promote to a large number of potential buyers. In addition, Zengen will seek profitable in-licensing opportunities in its over-the-counter business. In this way, Zengen will be able to leverage its proven expertise in marketing over-the-counter products to capture revenue and to reduce dilution associated with equity financings or the constraints imposed by creditors in debt financings.

An important element of Zengen's business strategy is to control costs and overhead by entering into license agreements with other parties to share the risks and benefits of various stages of the drug development process. The Company focuses on the discovery and early-stage development of drug candidates and seeks to establish partnerships with pharmaceutical companies for late-stage development and commercialization of Zengen's peptides. This strategy should control the Company's expenses, minimize risks and allow the Company to have a greater number of attractive drug candidates progress to late-stage development.

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Last Updated: 08-08-02

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