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Celltech R&D, Inc. 

1631 220th Street SE

Bothell  Washington  98021  U.S.A.
Phone: 425-489-8000 Fax: 425-489-8019

Celltech Chiroscience was formed in August 1999 by the merger of Celltech plc with Chiroscience Group plc to form one of the largest biopharmaceutical research and development companies in Europe. Celltech Chiroscience's development capabilities were further augmented by the January 2000 merger with Medeva plc. The resulting enlarged group is called Celltech Group plc and consists of two principal businesses: Celltech R&D which conducts the group's research and development operations; and Celltech Pharmaceutical which conducts the group's marketing, sales and manufacturing operations. The group employs a total of 2200 employees, 500 of which are research and development staff based at four sites in the UK and US, and over 550 sales and marketing staff in the US and Europe.

Celltech R&D is the discovery and development business of Celltech Group plc with an outstanding drug discovery capability and an innovative pipeline of novel therapeutic products including antibodies and NCEs. The drug discovery efforts are concentrated on new approaches to treat cancer, autoimmune disease, inflammation and bone disease. Celltech R&D's Bothell, WA Research Site ("Celltech R&D, Inc.") is focused on identifying and validating novel genes that play a vital role in the underlying mechanisms of disease pathways. Originally founded in 1991 as Darwin Molecular, the site has established itself as the company's center of excellence for exploiting genetics and pharmacogenomics to leverage all stages of the Gene-to-Drug-pathway. The site has built an integrated platform of technologies that combine large-scale genomics and target validation technologies with state of the art bioinformatic systems. This comprehensive platform has a proven capability in identifying commercially significant, validated genes that are progressing into therapeutic and diagnostic candidates.

Areas of Research: Celltech has identified, cloned and characterized a critical gene which controls the formation of bone in humans. Based on the identification strategy, the gene is envisioned to be an ideal target for treating diseases associated with bone loss, in particular osteoporosis. It is expected that the final therapeutic will restore bone, a treatment currently unavailable to osteoporotic patients. This gene, SOST, is a member of a family of proteins that use a novel paradigm to perform their cellular function. Scientists within the organization have extensively characterized the protein at the molecular and cellular level as part of the drug discovery process. The program is aggressively moving to identify the appropriate therapeutic entity to bring into clinical development, and expects the final product to dramatically change the therapy offered to patients currently afflicted with severe bone loss.

Significant resources at Celltech have also focused on the study of immune responses and diseases of immunological origin. This work includes efforts to identify novel genes and to understand the role of such gene products in immune function. One such program is concentrated on the role of the Foxp3 gene, initially identified using mouse genetics, in lymphocyte function. This gene is critical for the normal function of the immune system and in understanding the mechanism by which it controls T cell responses, and it may lead to novel therapeutic approaches to modulating immune function.

The Celltech Mouse mutagenesis program represents a large discovery effort designed to develop novel mouse models of common human disease, including autoimmunity and inflammatory disorders. Utilization of the mouse provides inherent genetic advantages over human biology, allowing the company to more rapidly discern those genes specifically associated with a disease process. They are actively engaged in identifying the genes responsible for mediating these diseases in humans via Mouse mutagenesis technology and the knowledge that they gain from understanding these disorders is being extended to provide them with new targets for the treatment of human diseases.

The acquisition of a novel antibody technology (SLAM) from Abgenix by the Bothell site has enabled Celltech to significantly expand its discovery and validation capabilities. This technology, coupled with the antibody engineering capabilities already in place within the company, will significantly advance their ability to identify and assess target opportunities. In addition, the capacity of this technique for the isolation of rare and function-modifying antibodies will have a major impact on the discovery and progression of specific therapeutic targets throughout Celltech's portfolio.

Other Locations:

Celltech Group Head Office (Corporate)
208 Bath Road
Berkshire SL1 3WE
Phone: 44 (0)1753 534655
Fax: 44 (0)1753 536632

Celltech R&D, Cambridge
Granta Park, Great Abington
Cambridge CB1 6GS
Phone: 44 (0)1223 896300
Fax: 44 (0)1223 896400

Last Updated 1-29-02

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Web Site: Celltech R&D, Inc.
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