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Company Profile


Regen BioPharma  

4700 Spring Street
Suite 304
La Mesa  California  91942  U.S.A.
Phone: 619-702-1404 Fax: 619-330-2328


Company News
Regen BioPharma Sees Additional Positive Results On Its Medicinal Chemistry Optimization For Modulating NR2F6 Checkpoint For Treating Cancer And Autoimmune Diseases 5/16/2017 9:57:20 AM
Regen BioPharma Identifies Three New Series of Compounds That Activate NR2F6 4/18/2017 9:15:45 AM
Regen BioPharma Sees Success In Its Pre-Clinical Small Molecule Optimization Program For NR2F6 4/12/2017 11:50:23 AM
Regen BioPharma Provides Update On NR2F6 Small Molecule Optimization Program For Treating Cancer And Arthritis 3/24/2017 9:12:41 AM
Regen BioPharma Restructures Management Stock Compensation 3/15/2017 8:54:06 AM
Regen BioPharma Licenses NR2F6 Technology For Cancer Treatment And Autoimmune Disorders To Checkpoint Immunology 3/2/2017 10:57:27 AM
Regen BioPharma Begins Optimization of NR2F6 Small Molecule Modulators 2/1/2017 10:44:06 AM
Regen BioPharma Files Utility Patent Application On NR2F6-Silenced CAR-T Cell For Solid Tumors 12/15/2016 8:21:13 AM
Regen BioPharma Discusses A Recent Important Discovery Of NR2F6 In Human Cervical Cancer 12/8/2016 9:58:03 AM
Regen BioPharma 's Chief Scientific Officer Harry Lander Provides Clarity On The Process Of Small Molecule Development For Cancer And Autoimmune Diseases 11/16/2016 11:19:17 AM