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Easton Pharmaceuticals 

Toronto      Canada
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Company News
Easton Pharmaceuticals (OP: EAPH) Letter To Shareholders And Update 10/8/2015 11:16:45 AM
Easton Pharmaceuticals (OP: EAPH) Announces Finalized Agreement To Secure All Of Spanish-Speaking Latin America, Adding To Its Mexico Rights For The VS-Senses Patented Women's Vaginal Health Diagnostic Test 9/17/2015 1:43:45 PM
Easton Pharmaceuticals (OP: EAPH) Announces Major Initiative Supporting Its Focus On Unique Patented Women's Health Products With The Appointment Of Dr. Jose Tiran As Founding Member Of Easton's Medical/Scientific Advisory Board In Women's Health 8/17/2015 11:15:06 AM
Easton Pharmaceuticals (OP: EAPH) And BMV Medica Finalize License Agreement With Commonsense Ltd. Of Israel To Be Sole Distributor For Patented AL-Sense (Amnio-Sense-Blue) Amniotic Fluid Leak Test For Latin America 8/5/2015 11:33:21 AM
Easton Pharmaceuticals (OP: EAPH) Announces The Appointment Of Evan Karras As CEO / Director And Mr. Nunzio Valerie As President / CFO; Mr. Karras Possesses A Strong Background In Canadian And International Commercial Successes And Is Expected To Make Major Impact On Implementation Of Easton's Business Plan 7/30/2015 12:12:41 PM
Easton Pharmaceuticals (OP: EAPH) / BMV Medica Announces Its Mexican Ministry Of Health And Latin America Regulatory Filing And Approval Process For Cancer Drugs Paclitaxel And Docetaxel From Biolyse Pharma Has Been Shortened 7/7/2015 10:51:45 AM
Easton Pharmaceuticals (OP: EAPH) And BMV Medica Announce Eva Pro As Brand Name For Its Line Of Patented Women's Diagnostic Tests For The Mexican And Other Latin American Markets; Trademark Registration Of Individual Product Names, Logos And Packaging Has Commenced 6/25/2015 3:53:56 PM
Easton Pharmaceuticals (OP: EAPH) Moves To Directly Negotiate Exclusive Agreement With Private Medical Marijuana Grower In Canada As A Result Of Galileo Life Science's Actions Toward Its Previously Executed Option And Purchase Agreement; Provides Formal Action Response 6/18/2015 12:29:36 PM
Easton Pharmaceuticals (OP: EAPH) And BMV Medica Sign MOU Towards Exclusive Distribution For Woman's Patented Diagnostic Test For Amniotic Fluid Detection For Women In Late Pregnancy For The Majority Of Latin American Countries 6/18/2015 11:31:41 AM
Easton Pharmaceuticals (OP: EAPH) And BMV Medica Close On Joint Distribution Agreement For Injectable Approved Cancer Drugs For Mexico And Other Latin American Countries With Easton Pharmaceuticals (OP: EAPH) 6/15/2015 11:49:58 AM