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Enamine Ltd. 

23 Alexandra Matrosova Street

Kiev    01103  Ukraine
Phone: 380-44-537-3218 Fax: 380-44-537-3253


Enamine is one of the top providers of custom chemistry services and screening libraries for pre-clinical drug discovery and agro chemistry worldwide. Currently Enamine offers one of the largest and most diverse proprietary screening collections of small organic compounds in the world.

Enamine supplies following products from in house stock:

- screening Compounds (over 900,000 items);
- proprietary Building Blocks (over 19,000 items).

We offer prompt resupply and resynthesis of compounds from our collection. Compounds can be formatted in different ways to meet our customers’ needs. Enamine carries out total Quality Control by LC/MS and NMR.

Enamine also offers synthesis of compounds from immediately accessible, validated chemical space (REAL DataBase) of over 11 million structures and warrants the timely delivery of a minimum of 60% of the compounds selected from this database. Cherry-picking is always welcomed and compounds can be prepared on exclusive basis.

Enamine has earned a reputation as a leading provider of a number of chemistry services, including custom synthesis and lead optimization services. Keeping close ties with Ukrainian academic research centers, Enamine has expertise in a variety of contemporary organic chemistry fields, such as asymmetric synthesis, synthesis of structurally rigid and caged amino acid derivatives, synthesis of fluorescent dyes, and peptidomimetics. We also support other projects aimed at the development of fundamental research in organic chemistry. Enamine scientific expertise is supported by published articles in respected international journals.

The molecular modeling department of Enamine is capable of performing complex computation tasks associated with computer aided drug design, from ADME properties prediction and database profiling to lead optimization and design of focused and targeted libraries for biologically significant targets.

At Enamine, we are committed to providing life science industries with a full spectrum of hit-to-lead discovery services. Our competitive pricing policy, top-level customer support and highest quality standards makes Enamine an ideal partner for your outsourcing needs.

Last Updated: 12-11-2007

Key Statistics

Ownership: Private

Web Site: Enamine Ltd.
Employees: 300


Carna Biosciences  Discovery and development of lead compounds against a kinase targeting cancer.

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