Fortis Therapeutics

11099 Torrey Pines Park Road
La Jolla
United States

NextGen Class of 2018
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About Fortis Therapeutics

Fortis Therapeutics is an immuno-oncology biotech focused on developing new antibody drug conjugate therapies for late-stage multiple myeloma and late-stage prostate cancer. Fortis was founded based on technology exclusively licensed from UCSF and developed in the laboratory of Bin Liu, Ph.D. The company's investors are Avalon Ventures, Bregua Corporation, Lilly Asia Ventures, Osage University Partners, and Vivo Capital. Fortis Therapeutics is located in COI Pharmaceuticals, Avalon's Community of Innovation, in San Diego.




President and CEO: Jay Lichter, Ph.D

CSO: Marc Nasoff, Ph.D.

CFO: Tighe Reardon

Principal Scientist: Joshua Park, Ph.D.

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