Shepherd Therapeutics

114 Western Avenue
United States

Tel: 615-490-8597

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About Shepherd Therapeutics

The mission of Shepherd is to cure rare cancers. Founded by a rare cancer patient, Shepherd is a biotechnology company relentlessly focused on using deep disease understanding, development expertise, and an unwavering commitment to save people dying of neglected rare cancers. Shepherd is changing the traditional economics and timeline of drug development, delivering better treatments faster for patients who previously had none. To join the mission or learn more, visit




Founders: Eugene Williams and David Hysong

Founder and CEO: David Hysong

CSO: Johanne Kaplan

CMO and CBO: Abby V. Reiner

COO: Elizabeth Hostetter

CRO: Jamie Dempsey Barber

CCO: Lacie Randall

CDO: William Siders


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  • There are many unusual things about Shepherd Therapeutics, but one of them is its origin.
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