SAB Biotherapeutics

2301 E 60th St N
Sioux Falls
South Dakota
United States

Tel: 605-679-6980

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About SAB Biotherapeutics

Transforming the treatment of disease.

SAB Biotherapeutics, Inc. (SAB), is a biopharmaceutical company on the leading edge of innovation, developing and delivering natural technologies that have the potential to transform the prevention and treatment of diseases from Ebola to cancer, and diabetes to influenza. SAB’s first-of-its-kind therapeutic production platform holds the promise of treatment of rare conditions, long-term diseases and global pandemic threats.   

A platform of promise.
Utilizing the most advanced antibody science in the world, SAB is delivering the world’s first large scale platform to create fully human, polyclonal antibodies. 

The DiversitAb™ platform is diverse in its ability to produce antibodies for a variety of health conditions. The platform is also scalable and dynamic, enabling the production of large quantities of therapeutics with a shorter development cycle than current methods. The use of polyclonal antibodies enables the treatment to maintain effectiveness while responding to the evolving nature of disease. 

Enhancing nature’s healing.
SAB’s innovative approach leverages the body’s natural ability to heal by generating fully human polyclonal antibodies to attack diseases. Fully human antibodies can be more effective, last longer, have fewer side effects than current technologies and provide immediate protection or passive immunity. Our technology uses a platform of genetically designed large animals to naturally produce human antibodies.

This natural, scalable technology can revolutionize the ability to create antibodies to prevent and treat human conditions such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, inflammation, and infectious diseases and emerging global health threats.

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