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About Aduro Biotech

Aduro Biotech, Inc. is a Berkeley, California-based immunotherapy company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of therapies that transform the treatment of challenging diseases.

Aduro's three proprietary technology platforms, Live, Attenuated Double-Deleted Listeria (LADD), STING Pathway Activators, and B-select monoclonal antibodies, are designed to harness the body's natural immune system. Our extensive pipeline of product candidates derived from these platforms are currently being investigated in a variety of cancer indications and have the potential to expand into autoimmune and infectious diseases.

Aduro's LADD technology platform is based on proprietary attenuated strains of Listeria that have been engineered to express tumor-associated antigens to induce specific and targeted immune responses. This platform is being developed as a treatment for multiple indications, including mesothelioma, gastric/esophageal, ovarian, lung and prostate cancers. Additionally, a personalized form of LADD, or pLADD, is being developed utilizing tumor neoantigens that are specific to an individual patient’s tumor.

Aduro's STING Pathway Activator platform is designed to activate the intracellular STING receptor, resulting in a potent tumor-specific immune response. ADU-S100 is the first STING Pathway Activator compound to enter the clinic and is currently being evaluated in a Phase 1 study in patients with cutaneously accessible metastatic solid tumors or lymphomas.

Aduro’s B-select monoclonal antibody platform includes a number of immune modulating assets in research and preclinical development, including BION-1301, an anti-APRIL antibody. Aduro is collaborating with leading global pharmaceutical companies to expand its products and technology platforms.

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