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About Southern Research

Southern Research is a full service contract research organization that provides quality essential services in preclinical drug discovery and development. Working as science-centered, client-focused partners with its pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients, and government sponsors, Southern Research continues to demonstrate research excellence and partnering value in the search for tomorrow's breakthrough discoveries.

Southern Research scientists conduct preclinical research primarily in cancer, infectious diseases, emerging biological threat agents, and CNS disorders; earning an enviable track record in getting drugs to clinic. Twenty-two Southern Research discoveries have gone into clinical trials, resulting in six FDA approved anti-cancer drugs now on the market with four additional drugs now in clinical trials. Southern Research has also screened approximately 80% of all other FDA approved cancer drugs, as well as 75% of all approved antivirals.

The company, chartered in 1941, employs more than 600 scientists, technicians and support staff. The company's primary pharmaceutical research facilities are located in Birmingham, Alabama and Frederick, Maryland where their services include:



  • Basic and contract drug discovery services
  • Antiviral drug discovery, specializing in HIV and Hepatitis
  • Vaccine and immunology evaluation (HIV and BioThreat agents)
  • In vitro and in vivo services
  • ADME/PK and gene therapy safety
  • Toxicology
  • Bioanalytical services

    Southern Research Institute's FDA approved cancer drugs are:
  • Amifostine (marketed by MedImmune)
  • Fludarabine (marketed by Berlex)
  • Dacarbazine (marketed by Merck)
  • Lomustine (marketed by Bristol-Myers-Squibb)
  • Carmustine (marketed by Bristol-Myers-Squibb)
  • Clofarabine (marketed by Bioenvision and Genzyme)

    Anti-cancer drug discoveries currently in clinical trials are:
  • PDX (licensed to Allos Therapeutics)
  • 4'-Thio-Ara-C (licensed to OSI)
  • DMPEN (licensed to Xanthus Life Sciences)
  • Isophosporamide Mustard (licensed to DEKK TEC)

    Key Management (Maryland):
  • Robert C. Lonergan, President and CEO
  • Tina S. Rogers, Ph.D., Vice President, Drug Development Division
  • Michael G. Murray, Director, Southern Research Institute, Frederick
  • David R. Harris, Director, Business Development
  • Rhonda S. Jung, Director, Public Relations

    For more information about Southern Research and its research services, please visit, or contact David Harris at (205-581-2343.)
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