Dragonfly Therapeutics

While NK cell therapies can potentially avoid the serious side effects sometimes seen with CAR T cell therapies, experts say durability may stall their path to the market.
Bristol Myers Squibb has returned the rights for interleukin-12 immunotherapy program DF6002 back to its original owner, Dragonfly Therapeutics, the companies announced Monday.
Gilead and Dragonfly announced their collaboration today, with an end goal of bringing the DF7001 NK engager program designed for patients with cancer or inflammatory diseases.
ONK announced an infusion of $21.5 million to propel their NK-powered programs towards IND-enabling studies.
Bristol Myers Squibb plunked down $475 million for the exclusive license to Dragonfly Therapeutics’ interleukin-12 (IL-12) investigational immunotherapy program.