Rheos Medicines, Inc.

38 Sidney Street, 2nd Floor
United States

Tel: (857) 777-4242

NextGen Class of 2019
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About Rheos Medicines, Inc.

We are leading the way in the emerging field of immunometabolism to develop novel, precision medicines to treat patients with immune-mediated diseases.
Rheos Medicines is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel medicines that modulate metabolic pathways in immune cells to treat disease. Our approach targets the underlying cellular metabolism of immune cells in order to redirect the fate and function of specific cell types to treat immune-mediated diseases. By simultaneously identifying new drug targets and characterizing biomarkers of disease, we are bringing precision to treatment of immune-mediated diseases. We have brought together leading scientists whose discoveries opened the field of immunometabolism, clinicians with a deep understanding of the heterogeneity of immune-mediated diseases, and an experienced leadership team.
Founded by Third Rock Ventures, Rheos is dedicated to changing how immune-mediated diseases are treated.


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